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What Authors Have Said:


I just sent an email out yesterday with the subject line “Have you seen these books?” I made twice as much from that email as I did from a similar email at the beginning of April, all because my list is bigger, thanks to you guys.

Kevin Tumlinson
Award Winning, Bestselling Author

Y’ALL ROCK! I have NEVER been disappointed with anything from you!

I am THRILLED y’all are here to take the guesswork out of building my list for me and I look forward to the future. I further see a rise in my average daily sales from 250 to over 300 books!!

I attribute that in large part to the new readers y’all are bringing me because at this point I am using no other advertising!


Julia Mills
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

I’m one of the lucky authors to join this program. The subscribers from Author Platform Rocket are way more responsive than my original email subscribers had been.

My new list is full of more targeted subscribers than even ones that came from my blog. They loooove what I write and it shows in how they respond. I’d done the FB ads on my own and not only did they take a long time I just couldn’t make them work. Not like this. I now have a platform that loves to read AND loves the genre I write.

Cheri Schmidt
International Bestselling Author

When I ran my giveaway with you I added more subscribers to my newsletter in one month than I’d added in the past couple of years on my own! Very happy with the service and I’ll continue investing in this great platform

Marissa Farrar
Bestselling Author

Consistently growing your email list is a hassle, but Author Platform Rocket makes it a whole lot easier. If you want to get your name out there AND add to your list every single day, the APR system has been extremely helpful for me and my author brand.

Casey Lane
USA Today Bestselling Author

Thank you for doing something that works. Can’t tell you how much time I waste discovering what will work and what won’t.

C.J. Ellisson
New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

I have about 3k subscribers now, up from 0 when I first started!

Christine W. Hartmann
Bestselling Author

I’m trying to build my newsletter and you astonished me with 1800+ new subscribers in one month. Thank you! You people are amazing!

Katalina Leon
USA Today Bestselling Author

How Does It Work?

Real Promotions Get Real Readers.

No matter what genre or market you are in, your readers are on social media.  That’s the good news – We know where to find them.

The reality is: There are no “shortcuts” or “tricks” to connecting with them. In fact, anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is. Gimmicks like what you may have been offered before tend to get accounts suspended.

This is why we create real promotions with real prizes and run real advertising to real readers who live in countries you really want readers in. 

The best part is, we set up and manage ALL of it so you don’t have to.

Real gets real.  There are no alternatives

Why Does It Work?

We Keep You Growing

For many authors, the work-load associated with bringing a book to life can be all-consuming and often overwhelming.

In too many cases, marketing is left to the last minute or totally forgotten.

This is why so many books, no matter how amazing, fail to sell enough to cover their costs.

Many authors simply do not have the time or mental bandwidth to run the vital 24/7/365 marketing campaigns it takes to constantly stay in front of new readers. 

We do.

This is why you will see real, fresh readers joining your newsletter every single day. 

You write your books. We will do your marketing.  The way publishing should be.

Frequently Asked Question

This following section should answer all the frequently asked questions.  If, however, you have others, please use our contact us page and we will respond quickly.

How many new subscribers you get and your cost per lead will depend on many, many factors. Your daily budget (minimum $3/day), your genre, your giveaway offer and even your ad account will play a factor. As we test & optimize the ads and audience your cost per subscriber will drop. Once optimized, we have seen overall subscriber costs between $.35 – $.95 in various fiction markets.

NOTE: Nonfiction tends to have a higher CPL (cost per lead) than fiction.  Nonfiction leads can be anywhere from $1.10 – $2.75

iOS14 does have an impact and we constantly test new ads in order to keep cost per lead (CPL) as low as possible. 

By always targeting different audience segments and running many different tests at once, we are able to shut down losers and keep the winning campaigns!

There are ZERO hidden fees. Our cost for our monthly agency on the “partnered”   service is only $49/month (under $1.68/day). Your ad spend can be as low as $3/day and then the prizes you give out 4x per year are what ever their costs are. We can help you lower that as well!

Here’s a breakdown to make it even easier:

  • What you pay us: $49/month($1.68/day)
  • Meta/FaceBook Ad Spend: $3/day minimum
  • Winner Prizes: As low as $30 every 90 days – Less than $.34/day
  • Minimum “Daily” Average: $5.02

We hear that A LOT from authors. That is why we have created one of the most comprehensive training programs on the planet on how to best leverage your new people! Not only do we provide you with best practices on how to communicate, we provide an extensive training program that will help you decide what to say and when! Yes, it can be done and at the same time made into an automated, book selling, relationship building machine WITHOUT being salesy or SPAMMY.

It’s a much better idea to send them whatever copy of the free book/short or whatever you offered them first. If you want to give them a big discount on something that can work. However, going directly for the jugular is often the best way to drive your new people away. You must keep in mind this is the very 1st step in a “get to know you” process that can continue and develop these people into strong readers, buyers and more. We strongly recommend following our best practice guidelines when it comes to introducing new potential readers to your books. We provide you with ALL of this information in a step by step format. Best practices do NOT include going directly for the sale. In fact, we push you to give them a taste of your writing for free before asking anything of them. Either send them a link to download a free copy of a well written novel in your series, a killer short or something else that will allow them to really dive into the world you’ve created.

We work with ALLLLL genres.  As each dedicated, evergreen giveaway is setup on a unique landing page we can work with every genre you can throw at us! As long as there is an audience for your books we can help you find them!

When you are in the APR Ultimate Partnered program your giveaway and platform building are with our book discovery ecosystems and YOU are the only author!

We do offer other multi-author giveaways which you can check out HERE for romance and HERE for fiction.

Welcome to the future of author marketing!

In most cases your giveaway will be up and running in under 14 business days. Often in less than 7! 

After you join & fill out our simple intake form we will get your graphics cooking right away as well as set up your dedicated giveaway landing page!

Then, help us connect with your Meta/FaceBook advertising account and we will be off to the races!

We run comprehensive Meta/FaceBook & Google advertising allowing us to reach potential audiences of millions of readers most authors cannot access on their own.

At this time there are no marketing agencies with this level of skill and success dedicated to building platforms for fiction authors. Even fewer focus on long term, platform building solutions for any industry at all.

Virtually all other subscriber building methods focus on hyper fast, low result, short term methods that too often produce too many problems and not enough readers. APR is designed to be the perfect fix to the most pressing issue facing authors today: having consistent, daily list building marketing that actually works.

With APR we focus on driving readers via paid ads directly to your discovery gateways. You see it all comes down to quality of traffic that then becomes subscribers. Once readers see you they see only you because you get your own, custom landing page that’s about you and your books.

We Do All Your Ongoing, Day-To-Day Marketing, Growing Your Newsletter & Social Following So You Don't Have To!

Grow Your Newsletter From Your Dedicated Giveaway!

We create, run, manage and optimize all the marketing needed to drive targeted, excited readers into your perpetual giveaway so more people discover your books!

Add Your Subscribers To Your Mailing List

Get your new subscribers each and every month, cleaned and exported in a simple to upload CSV file!

Create Unlimited Automated Campaigns

With APR you can transform your new subscribers into readers, buyers reviewers and super fans! We provide you with unlimited access to all the training needed to make this 100% automated.

Get Powerful & Effective Book Launching Training

Once you join you will have access to our incredible book launching training program. In this you will learn exactly what is working to transform the subscribers we send you into book launching fanatics!

Finally Get Peace Of Mind Marketing

With YEARS of experience, having worked with over 18K authors, we have already delivered almost 3 million subscribers to since 2015 and have no plans on stopping!

More Reviews. More Sales. Building A Larger Street Team

Leverage your new subscribers to generate book reviews on demand, sell more consistently and get your own buzz going with a hungry and dedicated street team

Super Effective. Super Simple.

Straight Forward Pricing. Always.

Made Simple For Everyone

Our services have zero hidden fees. Simply get started then let us know what ad spend you’d like starting at as little as $3/day!

Join Us And Grow!
Partnered Platform Growth!



* What you pay us is super simple and displayed right on this page! We NEVER have hidden fees.  Your ad spend is your choice and all programs start at a minimum of $3/day for Meta/FaceBook Ads.  Because we run all advertising through your accounts, these ads will be billed directly to you the same way normal ads are.  The price of our program is based on daily spends of up to $50 per ad group.  If you would like to spend more, please reach out to us directly so we can customize a plan that’s perfect for you!

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